Is there a Town dump?

No, but as a service to the Town residents the Town has coordinated with Royal Carting to accept items on Saturdays from 7:30 am – 12:00 pm on the Highway hill, between the chain link fence near the salt sheds. There is a fee for this service. The price is per item or per bag of household garbage. For additional information and pricing, please go to the Royal Carting Service Carting Company website, click on the flyer link below, or call Royal Carting directly at (845) 896-6000, and specify that you are calling regarding the Hyde Park Highway site since their main location is in Hopewell. Royal Carting does not have a weigh station at the Highway location, only 2 dumpsters with employees stationed during the stated hours. The Highway Department is closed during the Royal Carting service. In the event of snow, this service is closed for the safety of the residents and Town employees since the Highway trucks will routinely be loading salt.

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