Veteran's Advisory Committee

Various armed forces members with flags

Mission Statement

The Veteran's Advisory Committee was created by the Hyde Park Town Board to coordinate and promote veteran's projects and events in town.
1) One such project will be to over see the "Town of Hyde Park's Hometown Hero's Banner project.
2) To coordinate the Memorial Day and Veteran's Day events with recreation.
3) Coordinating with other groups supporting Veteran's with-in the town.
4) Help resolve issues with veteran residents if possible.

Committee Contacts

The following committee personnel are available to assist veterans:
  • Craig Elderkin    Chairman        5/23/25
  • Colin Reilly                                5/23/24          
  • David Mackey                            5/23/23       
  • Mike Athanas                             5/23/24         
  • Bernie Herzfield                         5/23/23
Armed forces emblems and American Flag

Application - Hometown Heroes Banner Program

Veterans' Group Resources

The following organizations are local resources for veterans:
  • American Legion John Livingston Post 1466      Facebook Page
  • VFW Vail-Wolf McKenna-Frye Post 170             Facebook Page
  • MHA Dutchess Veteran's Programs                    Facebook Page
  • Dutchess County Veterans                                  Facebook Page