Internet, Phone, & Cable

Unfortunately, there are very few options for internet/phone/cable service in Hyde Park (see fact sheet below). 

Verizon offers DSL internet and phone. Click here to see what’s available at your address. It is possible that some properties near the Poughkeepsie border are eligible for Verizon’s FIOS service.

Optimum is the only company that offers internet, phone and cable service. Click here to view their plans.

DirecTV offers satellite cable service. Click here to view their plans.

The Town has reached out to other providers including FIOS, Comcast, and AT&T and all three said there was no interest in expanding into Hyde Park (see letters below). In addition, the Town has contacted Spectrum and RCN but has not heard back from them. 

Letters from Competing Services

Note: There is nothing in the Town’s agreement (PDF) with Optimum that prevents other companies from offering service in Hyde Park. The biggest issue is the investment cost for a new company to build its own infrastructure in town (see fact sheet below).

Altice-Optimum Agreement Fact Sheet