How to Get Involved

What Kinds of Things Can I (or We) Do? Here are Some Ideas:

Trail Events

Help with the advance planning and publicity of trail events, or take part in the day-of-event action, either on the trail or at our sign-in tables. Our main events are the kickoff hike for the Hyde Park Healthy Trails Walkabout (April), and the 9-mile Hyde Park Trail End2End (June). We may have additional hikes and work parties during the year, especially with partners.

We are also open to working with others to host new trail-related events or activities. Contact us with your ideas.

For example, an ADK hike leader has organized an annual, five-trail “patch-in-a-day” hike for Walkabout patch enthusiasts. On other occasions, we have hosted bird walks, garden walks, and even a “Walk with a Doc.”

Walkabout check-in 2017
Woman making signs for trails

Trail Work Parties

Help maintain or make improvements to an existing trail, or build a new section of trail. Help maintain trail blazes, clear brush and maintain drainage. Or help make and repair trail signs, benches, kiosks, boardwalks and other trail structures. Occasional “heavy” work may include helping to lay out and build bench cuts, rolling dips, stepping stones, and rock steps.

For example, a local Cub Scout pack has organized a trail cleanup on one of our trails that has become a fun annual outing and service project for them.

We can work with your college or scout group to organize a trail work party tailored for your group, or you may join one of our regular trail work parties, which are usually in September.

Making wooden trail signs is one of our specialties. Join one of our trail sign-making workshops.

Picking small stones from a trail
Trail maintenance workshop (sawing)

Trail Monitoring & Maintenance

Trail monitors act as “eyes and ears” on the trails during their walks, observing and reporting any existing or potential problems.

Tail maintainers get more involved in hands-on activity, typically brush clipping, marking and cleanup. Pitch in with the NY-NJ Trail Conference crew that maintains trails at Mills-Norrie. Or become a “roving” maintainer on others of our trails.

Adopt a Trail

Individuals, groups, couples, and families can adopt the maintenance of a section of trail for a year. Maintainers usually visit their section of trail 2 or 3 times a year, keeping it passable by trimming back brush, making sure it is well marked and free of trash, and submitting a report of their work twice each year.

Special Projects

Eagle scouts have built trailhead kiosks, benches, boardwalks, trail signs and more. Even a trailhead parking lot.

Individual students and interns have helped to develop interpretive guides, coordinate trail events, and work parties, conduct inventories of trail features, and with some training, have supervised trail maintenance crews.

Crew constructing Eagle Scout bench

Hyde Park Trail Committee

Come and meet us. The Hyde Park Trail Committee meets monthly. Meetings are open to the public. For more information about attending, or to learn about getting involved with Hyde Park Trails, contact Hyde Park Recreation at 845-229-8086 or email us.

Building a trail kiosk

Do You Have a Special Skill or Interest?

There is probably a role for you. It could be writing, photography, carpentry, health, law or whatever. Give us a call and let us know. Contact Hyde Park Rec Commission at 845-229-8086 or send us an email.