New Guinea Community - National Register of Historic Places

The New Guinea Community is one of the few historic sites in the Hudson Valley to have a strong connection to African American history and the history of Slavery in New York State. Once the location of a prosperous community of freed slaves and blacks, this site now sits back in the woods of Hackett Hill Park. There still exists several foundations of homes used between the late 18th century and mid 19th century by at least a half dozen blacks and whites working together along the road known as Freedonia Lane.

Original Stone Walls

The original stone walls that lined the sides of this road are still there today and the modern-day hiking trails connect you to this very historic location. 

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Additional Information

Walkway Freedom Trail

Pooley first person narrative

New Guinea video & trail

Check back for updates as we still continue to research and understand this site with the hopes of including interpretive signage and historic markers. Also check Stories From Historic Hyde Park for more stories on this fascinating location.