Historic Churches

Hyde Park Historic Churches

The history of the town of Hyde Park is intertwined with many of its historic church buildings.

Dutch Reformed Church of Hyde Park

Built in 1789 for a newly formed union church, the Dutch Reformed Church of Hyde Park has changed its name as the town did. It has been known as "the Stoutenburgh Religious Society", "the Dutch Reformed Church of Stoutsburg" and "the Dutch Reformed Church of Hyde Park".

St. James Episcopal Church

Originally built in 1811, Saint James Church at Hyde Park was the culmination of planning that began around 1770 with the acquisition of land by Dr. John Bard. The first building was constructed of brick and stone with a stucco finish. In 1839 structural faults were discovered in the building that required the building be torn down. Work was completed in 1844 on the replacement building which is the current structure. A mission from St. James to Staatsburgh grew into St. Margaret's Parsh in 1882 and the church was built in 1892.

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Visit the St. James Hyde Park website for more information.

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St. Margaret's Episcopal Church

St. Margaret's Episcopal Church of Staatsburg was constructed in 1892 for a parish that grew from a mission of the St. James Church in Hyde Park. The church has many memorial stained glass windows including ones from Chartres Cathedral, the Church of Notre Dame de Brou in France and Tiffany studios. The building is stone with sandstone trim around window openings and arches.

Additional Information

Visit the St. Margaret's Episcopal Church's website for more information.