Assessment & Exemptions


When establishing an assessment for the tax roll, market value is the primary consideration. This is the basis for assessment value, which takes into account an inter-comparison between the assessment of similar properties within the municipality.

Property Assessment

The Assessor's Office is available for information regarding assessments. Taxpayers may examine the information maintained by the assessing office on their own property and review the assessments of other property owners.


The assessor is available for consultation and explanation of the assessment process. There are reporting deadlines that limit the assessor's ability to change an assessment. The valuation of a property for tax purposes relates to January first of each roll year, but the value is based on what improvement exits as of March first each year. March First is known as Taxable Status Day. From the status of inventory that exists as of March 1st, the Assessor prepares the Tentative Roll. The Assessor can make changes on property assessments until the Tentative Roll is published. After that date the Board of Assessment Review must make the roll changes.


In addition to maintaining the roll, the Assessor processes exemptions. The available exemptions include School Tax Relief (STAR) which is available to every homeowner for their primary residence. There are two forms. Basic STAR is available for all residents on their primary residence. Enhanced STAR is available for senior citizens earning less than sixty thousand a year. STAR forms.

Additional Exemptions

Additional exemptions that are provided for eligible homeowners include an Aged Exemption, which is a based on age and income limit. Some individuals with a proven handicap may be eligible for a Disability Exemption. There is a Veterans Exemption for those who served on active duty during wartime. Farmers may be eligible for a partial Agricultural Exemption. Certain organizations may also be eligible for Not for Profit exemptions.

Tax Forms

Visit the Department of Taxation and Finance website for a list of forms and documents.